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Wide selection of heat-resistant aerosol paints DETON Thermo:

  • Universal: Suitable for various materials.
  • Glossy: To create a bright and shiny finish.
  • Matte: For a stylish and velvety finish.
  • Black: Classic solution for corrosion protection.
  • Grey: For a neutral and practical finish.
  • Others: Silver, copper, gold.

Advantages of DETON Thermo aerosols:

  • High temperature resistance: Withstands temperatures up to 600°C.
  • Excellent Protection: Prevent corrosion, rust and other damage.
  • Fast drying: Reduces repair time.
  • Ease of use: No special equipment required.
  • Affordable Price: Excellent value for money.

Carpaint is your choice for protection against high temperatures!

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