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Model: DTN-A46790
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Drying time
При +20°C: на отлип 1,5 часа, полное высыхание 12 часа.
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S9028 Varnish Glossy universal alkyd aerosol, 520 ml “Deton/Deton Universal”

High-quality glossy alkyd varnish of the “DETON” series is used to create a protective coating and add a decorative shine to painted and unpainted surfaces of metal, wood, plastic, stone, etc.
After application, the varnish forms a weather-resistant coating with good performance properties and exhibits high resistance to moisture, synthetic powders and various chemicals.
The varnish has good adhesion.
Directions for use: Apply to a clean, grease-free surface at a temperature not lower than +15°C.
Shake the canister for 2-3 minutes before use.
During operation, shake periodically.
Apply in even thin layers from a distance of 25-30 cm.
When finished, clean the sprayer by turning the can over and pressing the head until a structured varnish appears.

Время высыхания

Drying time
При +20°C: на отлип 1,5 часа, полное высыхание 12 часа.

Глянцевая / матовая


Для видов работ

For types of work
Внутренние, наружние

Для поверхностей

For surfaces

Кол-во в упаковке

Quantity per package
12 штук


520 мл

Основа краски

Paint base


Covering power
2-3 слоя с межслойной выдержкой 3-5 минут, рекомендуемая толщина высушенной пленки 30 мкм

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