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Join us on a journey where art meets innovation. In this blog we will reveal how many years of experience, in-depth laboratory research and close collaboration with foreign experts led to the creation of Arton spray paint - a new generation tool for graffiti artists.

History of Innovation

Polikhim-Voronezh has poured decades of research and experience into the creation of Arton, striving to offer artists something truly special. The development of Arton involved careful selection of components, expert input and endless testing to ensure the perfect balance between quality, durability and ease of use.

New Dimension Graffiti

Arton opens new horizons for graffiti artists, offering an expanded palette of colors and improved application. It's not just paint; it is a tool for expression that respects the art and craftsmanship of the artist, giving them everything they need to realize their wildest ideas.

Аэрозольная краска Arton | Купить на carpaint.kz

In this new dimension, Arton doesn't just follow trends - it sets them. Each can of paint is an invitation to artists to experiment and explore, to break the boundaries of traditional art and make their unique contribution to the evolution of graffiti.

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