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Discover PuStar Renz 18, a one-component polyurethane adhesive sealant designed for superior glass bonding. With its help you get unsurpassed adhesive and sealing properties, environmental friendliness and ease of use without bubbles. Learn how to properly apply this product for best results in a variety of environmental conditions.

No Corrosion or Pollution

PuStar Renz 18 guarantees the cleanliness and durability of your glass. Due to the absence of corrosion and contamination of substrates, it provides a perfect connection, maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of your vehicle.

Eco-friendliness and safety are key aspects of PuStar Renz 18. This product is not only effective, but also friendly to the environment, providing high-quality sealing without harming the environment.

The excellent adhesive properties of PuStar Renz 18 guarantee strong and reliable glass bonding without the need for a primer, reducing installation time and simplifying the gluing process.

Adhesive Sealant PuStar - Reliable Solution for Bonding GlassAdhesive Sealant PuStar - Reliable Solution for Bonding Glass

Suitable for a wide range of applications, PuStar Renz 18 is ideal for bonding windshields, side windows and rear windows, ensuring a secure fit and a flawless appearance.

For optimal use of PuStar Renz 18, it is important to consider the environmental conditions. Stick to the recommended temperature and humidity ranges to ensure perfect results.

Although the use of an activator and primer is not required for PuStar Renz 18, they are recommended for added strength and longevity of the joint.

Adhesive for gluing glass PuStar Renz 18 is a one-component polyurethane adhesive-sealant, moisture-curing. Has excellent adhesive and sealing characteristics. No corrosion or contamination of substrates, environmental friendliness, no bubbles during application.

Product features: excellent adhesive properties, no primer.

Applications: Suitable for bonding front, side and rear window glass.

Directions for use: Remove dust, oil and water from the surface of substrates.

Ambient temperature 5~35°C.℃, humidity 50~70%RH.

When the temperature is below 5℃, it is recommended to place the products in an environment of 30~40℃ for 1h (no more than 3h).

Activator and primer are not required, but recommended!!!

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